Mom discusses autism skills improvementsHow to Use Pictures and Color to Teach Kids with Autism Transition and Organization Skills. In this video a mom explains how she used pictures, photos and paint to help her child with autism transition and stay organized.
Interview discussing behavior and kids with autism
Dr. Krysti DeZonia of TERI, Inc. explains the root causes of behavior problems in children with autism and how to solve these problems.
 5 Tips for a Happy Future for Kids with Autism5 Tips for a Happy Future for Kids with Autism
 Vacation tips for kids with autismVacation Tips for Kids with Autism
Dating Advice for Men with Autism
Dating Advice for Adults with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Adults with autism or Asperger’s syndrome often have a great deal of difficulty dating. But with some tips and suggestions, anyone can master the art of dating.
TV Interview discussing autismAre Vaccinations Safe? Can they Cause Autism? A Review of 18 Years of Studies
 Craig Kendall on autism radioHear Craig on the Radio. Craig Kendall has been interviewed numerous times on radio. To listen to some of the past broadcasts click here:
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